Monday, March 7, 2011

Live from the Loosey Room

I know you want pictures, but I'm still looking for a chair to go in the corner and I don't have things hung up yet. But I have a full-sized day bed with lots of gray and yellow sheets and a teal cover, which matches the awesome pillows that Quigs made me for my birthday.

There's a framed photo of Princess Leia. There's a full length mirror. There's stuff to make the room smell good, my 2009 Woman to Know Award... and lots of other fun things to put on the wall.

Right now, I've got a cough and a cold. I've taken some Mucinex to try and work the stuff out of my chest, since who really wants someone coughing profusely around their small children -- even if their small children all have the same cold that I suddenly have? So, for the first time, I'm lying in my Loosey bed with my laptop on my chest listening to the same song over and over and over again as I mellow out.

What song? We Can't be Friends by Lorene Scafaria. I find it calming and, oh, so sad.

I've got five more minutes before I pick up the kiddo. I have to remember to talk to his teachers about birthday treat today. And I need him to draw a picture of his family for the application I'm going to put in this week to the University Primary School. Because why not?

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