Friday, January 8, 2010

In the Box

So, in my last power play to get to my weight goal, I've signed up for a Blitz with my Weight Management Program. That means I'm back in the box for the next six weeks. If everything works out calorie wise, I should reach goal by my birthday. In the box means that I'm back on dietary restrictions. I'm trying to focus on recordkeeping because as of late, I've been really good M-Thursday a.m. and then I record like crap all weekend. I've lost 12 lbs while in maintenance since Sept. 26th, so I'm doing well. I just want to see the goal number by my 1-year anniversary with the program (Feb. 19). And then back into maintenance I go with the goal being to try and maintain that weight, rather than lose more.

I've been training like mad this week, minus the snow day where my physical activity consisted of shoveling. But I've done two brick workouts this week. One with biking and swimming and one with running and biking. I'm also doing a 5-mile run tomorrow with Special K at the armory at 8:30 a.m.

Sunday will be my rest day, and then Monday I'm back at school and in workout central. I'm trying to get enough courage to run outside in the weather. Mostly because I have a 10k to do on Feb. 6.

So, if we're eating together between this coming Monday and six weeks from then. Cut me some slack. I really just want to see that goal number, you know?


Andrina said...

So I've been reading about crick workouts recently - got some tri books from the library - what you're looking to focus on it for the body to become accustomed to the different motions between the disciplines. The Swim to the bike isn't so bad as most tri swimmers actually don't use their legs that much in the swim, they just say to use them a bit more in the last 5 minutes of the swim just to warm them up, and then the change isn't crazy. It's the bike to the run however that can kill ya - the cadence on the bike is a lot slower then the running cadence, so dropping gear near the end of the bike, getting out of the saddle a bit etc... when you're training it in the gym, do a decent bike - like 30 minutes / 10 miles, then hop on the treadmill without much time in between - like grab some water and go kinda thing. The run only needs to be 10-15 minutes - just enough for your legs to get used to running and not feel like "bricks" anymore... :-)

Looseyfur said...

Yes, Andrina, that's exactly what brick training is for (ain't the library great?). My organization of times when I can get things done "back-to-back" is just different some days, particularly since the pool swim hours are over the lunch hour and I usually work out first thing in the morning. But I figure I do what I can now and then work on them later. Plus, my brain goes out the window about making sure I have everything in my bag (last time I forgot my goggles -- whoops).

The treadmill and I don't get along. I can do walks on it (4mph) or I can do the elliptical without tearing my hair out for around 25-30 minutes, so I have to be on a track or outside to get my run time in. On the bike right now, if I'm not in a spinning class, I'm doing 45-minute workouts, usually calorie burning or various hill programs depending on how many calories I need to burn for my weight management program that day. I usually do 4-minute miles on Level 15.

At some point, I'll bike a real bike to the pool, bike home, and then go for a short run to really get it in. But right now -- I'm just doing what I can.

imarogers said...

Dear friend,
You can kick this thing in the ass. You have discipline that so many of us do not have. Not matter what, you should be proud of the progress you have made this far. I'm proud of you!