Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pain, Pain, Pain

On Christmas, I woke up having a killer spasm in the area of my diaphragm that appeared to pull on all the muscles in my upper back. I took an Aleve and it felt better in 30 minutes.

Two weeks later, I woke up with the same symptoms. I took ibuprofen and felt better in 45 minutes.

Yesterday, I had another attack and followed the same protocol. I had thought maybe I was breathing wrong while I was running so the last two weeks had been all about focusing on breathing when running. The other similarity was that I had the attacks on days where I was resting from exercise -- until today.

I had another attack after I ate lunch today, so I called the doctor and went in. Tomorrow, I have an ultrasound and some blood work scheduled. It appears as if I have a gall bladder issue.

Oh, hooray.

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Andrina said...

ug... that sucks. On the bright side though, I've had gallstones sitting around in my gallbladder since I lived in the UK - an ultrasound a month ago showed they were still sitting there. So, on the upside there's potential to live just fine with a couple stones rumbling around in there!