Monday, January 11, 2010


So three weeks ago, I started attending the Body Blast class at the Fitness Center taught by Melissa. It's a lot of fun. It's roughly 30 minutes of high intensity cardio followed by 30 minutes of strength training that is lots of reps at lower weights. The idea being to strengthen and lengthen. (Genetically, women have  hard time bulking up as it is thanks to our hormones, which is fine by me.) But I love the dance part of the class and the running part of the class a lot.

I've noticed that since it's a class based on intervals that my cardio fitness has improved greatly in just a short time, which is nice.

I weighed in this week after last weeks' random 8 lbs gain in one week. Mathematically, I was supposed to lose .8 lbs (considering the calories in/calories out). I lost about 6.5 lbs. Water weight and New Year's. But I'm feeling pretty good about it.

I'm also starting to get used to the size I am. I had a woman in class mention her obesity and why she had an issue. She was not inviting me to talk about my issue, so I kept my mouth shut. I just listened. And I completely understood her frustration.

My biggest frustration is that I'm going to St. Louis on Thursday with the boys. I'm going out to a hockey game and to dinner with Captain Patrick -- and I'm in the box for the next six weeks to get to my goal weight at the Clinic. So, I'll be eating before dinner. I've already scoped out some "in the box" items on the menu at the restaurant and I'll be carrying an HMR Benefit Bar in my pocket for the game where I will consume the largest Diet soda ever. Yeah, I know none of this is a Whole Food. It's okay. Seriously, stand next to me for a minute or two, you'll figure out I'm getting enough fruits and vegetables. Beans, beans, beans...

P.S. I forgot. If anyone lives in the C-U area and is wondering more about the Carle Weight Management program. I have some info on upcoming free orientation meetings.

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