Sunday, January 24, 2010

Things you don't think about

I have four holes in my belly. The biggest one is at my belly button. Then there's one about six inches above it. Another one two inches below but all the way over on my right side and a fourth one an inch below that but between the side and the belly button.

It eliminates the ability to wear pretty much any clothing that aren't large t-shirts and leggings that are stretchy at the top. Today, when I had my wave of energy, Quigs took me to Old Navy and I found three spring dresses for $15 each that didn't have any kind of waists. Then we went to Target for leggings. As it turns out the elastic top skirts or exercise pants fell down if they were big enough to go under the waddle of excess skin I have from my weight loss, because absolutely no pressure can rest on my lower abdomen without me having something between pain and annoying discomfort. On the other hand, having pants that don't support my waddle is mentally difficult. So, we went with dresses in a size larger than I usually wear to keep from aggravating my wounds.

Then I went home and took a 2 1/2 hour nap and woke up to X-man saying, "Where's Mommy? I want to see her!"

Today, he went over and played at Special K's house with the Wonder Twins and had an absolute ball. He came back happy as a clam and played Candyland with me before I went shopping with Quigs. Then at 2 p.m. MacTroll took him to the library, where X-man got to see Big J and his mom. He was so worn out that my kid, who never naps, fell asleep in his booster seat on the way back. MacTroll carried him into the house and he slept for two hours on the sofa.

KTDID made turkey spaghetti tonight that smelled incredible. I felt sad as I sat down with my HMR Ravioli. But I've got 4 more weeks "in the box" as I try to reach my weight goal.

As for exercise, I'm limited to walking. I made it around the block today with MacTroll. He walked the two dogs, who were confused as to why we were going so slowly. It's sad that I had just finished running 6 miles last weekend and really felt on a roll before surgery and ready to run my 10k on Feb. 6th... but I've written off that race completely. I won't be going to Charleston for the Mid-Winter Classic.

I'm registered to run the Baby Ass Trail Run (3.29 miles) on Feb. 20th near Danville, so I'm hoping I'm all put together and feeling capable by then. The nice part is that due to my current fitness level, the nurse said they anticipate my recovery to be much faster than the "normal" patient. That felt good. But I'll find out at my follow up visit with my surgeon in a week or so.

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