Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Week of Low Key

MacTroll is going back to work this Monday. I believe he's visiting three to four cities in five days this week, and I'm pretty sure after 2 1/2 weeks at home (the longest stay he's had since X-man's birth) he's probably going through airport withdrawal. Of course, I think he's just exhausted by his domestic status, particularly all the stuff he had to do while I was in the hospital and recuperating.

That said, I've planned my week around all kinds of fun activities. On Monday, X-man gets to see Curious J for a playdate and then  run around the play place at McDonald's with more friends for dinner. On Wednesday, he's got a playdate with his Blonde Twin and on Thursday after Little Gym, it looks like he'll get to hang out with cool AunT and UncLes. Before he knows it, it will be next weekend... the weekend of a birthday at Chuck E. Cheese in Bloomington AND the Meetup Superbowl party at Libbygirl's

Now the trick I have this week is that I am mobile, but I'm still limited. I can't pick X-man up for what is looking for at least another week. I went to the track for the first time yesterday and did a 33-minute walk. It felt good -- really good. But I used to walk 14-minute miles and post-surgery, my ability is about a 19-minute mile. It's the pace I could go without feeling any discomfort from my stitches, but I also felt like I could have walked for longer. So, my hope is to walk every day this week for at 30-45 minutes, and see how it feels. It does mean that I obviously WILL NOT be competing in the Charleston Mid-Winter Classic 10k. Sigh. But I am hoping to be at a point where I can run/walk the Baby Ass (3.29 miles) on Feb. 20th in Danville.

But first, my son told me yesterday he wants me to put on a pair of jeans. Apparently seeing me in dresses and comfy pj pants every moment of the day is disconcerting to him. He's got a t-shirt and jeans kind of Mom... It's how he knows I'm feeling better.

February always goes by so quickly. In some ways it makes me happy because I know spring is coming quickly (although I never officially call it spring until May 1). On the other hand, I wish I got more hours in my day to get everything done. But I think that's every person's wish, right?

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