Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clawdio Update

MacTroll and I took Clawdio to see the vet this a.m. His blood pressure was fine, but they couldn't get any urine from him, so he's spending the day on fluids until they can see if the Clavamox got rid of the bacteria issues. On the flip side, that means he's not hypertensive and the hyperthyroid tests came back fine, so he's scheduled for an ultrasound on Tuesday that will get sent to a kitty cardiologist to determine what kind of heart disease he has.

There are two treatable heart diseases but there's only a slim chance that he's got one of those. The most likely illness is Cardiomyopathy. There's not really a good treatment plan for cats. If it's what it turns out to be, he'll go in for x-rays every six months to watch and make sure he doesn't have any extra fluid... and then he'll just live until he doesn't. Kind of like everyone else.

The hard part is that this time we had Dr. Mary, our usual doc. She's very thorough and she noticed that one of his back molars is cracked. It's probably the reason why he's been shying away from eating and showing up for his antibiotics like clockwork. She can't do a dental to remove the tooth until she gets the okay from the cardiologist that it's safe to put him under. So, even if the diagnosis next week isn't good, we're hoping he gives the okay, so she can take out the bad tooth and relieve him of some discomfort and then clean the rest. Because it maybe the last time he's able to go under...

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imarogers said...

I'm sorry about Clawdio. I wish there was better news. The good thing is that he has lived in a very loving household, and he will be taken of until the very end.