Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whopper of a story

X-man has started making up stories when he talks to me. Not the usual bedtime stories -- but random life stories. The other day he told me that one of his Tiger teachers said he needed a bigger blanket because he's a big boy. I asked him if he'd like a bigger blanket for nap time. He said he wanted his big blanket from his bed. I thought it was too big but thought maybe a throw of some kind would work.

I asked his teacher when we got there and she looked at me confused. We figured X-man was just voicing something he wanted but using the "power of the teacher" to communicate that message to me. But he does it for other things. This morning he turned in a friend he hasn't seen in a week for using a bad word. It was just a random ramble at breakfast. The other day he told me that Daddy was on a plane going to work in Africa, even though he knows that he rented a car to drive to Bloomington.

Apparently, my child enjoys self-created drama. I was hoping we'd get to at least 10 before that kind of stuff happened.

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Debra said...

That SO reminds me of K. He absolutely will NOT let us say the word "ridiculous" because he is convinced it is a curse word. Tattles on adults for saying it (because not many kids say it!). These boys... funny guys I tell ya. I just try to remember how much his brain is going. this is pretty complex thinking!