Tuesday, February 9, 2010


X-man has been obsessed with jokes. But he doesn't quite get the word play of them. Instead he understands that a good joke is entertainment, and he enjoys being a ham.

I picked him up two joke books from the library. He makes up jokes that make no sense, and I love them. What I like best is that we'll read the joke book, and he'll try to make up his own jokes from the illustrations.

So when you say, "What's a pig's favorite rock n roll song?"
X-man replies, "Dance man!" because that's what he sees in the picture.
(The real answer is "Twist and snout" in case you wanted to know...)

It's like waiting for the switch to flip with potty training. At some point he'll get the play on words.

Or, to my chagrin, he could get his father's sense of humor...

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