Saturday, February 6, 2010

So Frustrating

For the last two nights I've drugged myself with Nyquil in order to sleep through my coughing. I've had a headcold that had decided to move into my chest. Outside of when I'd erupt into fits of coughing while lying down I didn't notice it much, until I went out to shovel my front walk today.

I got to the end of the walk and I was sweating and exhausted. It was like I had no energy. The plan had been to shovel the front walk and then walk over to the rec center to do a short run on the track. Instead, I came back in side, checked on my pork roast in the slow cooker, baked some Cooking Light molasses cookies and then went up to read and ended up falling asleep.

I woke up at 4 p.m. to the smell of the yummy pork roast that's not on my menu, but I will admit tasting. I took a shower, but my body still felt drained. I was really sweaty, which I can't tell is because I got rid of a fever or was asleep in in a sunbeam under a feather down comforter. But when I stood up, it felt like I had low blood pressure because it took a while for the world not to spin.

Fast forward 3 hours. I got tired playing a couple games on the Wii after dinner. I wanted to eat comfort food. I had a molasses cookie, which is also out of the box.

Then I came up to bed, where I'm eyeing my book and thinking, "Where is that Nyquil?"

I just had surgery and was down for two weeks from that. I really don't want to have a cold that turns into bronchitis right after it. So, tomorrow, X-man is going to Chuck E. Cheese with MacTroll for a birthday party. Then, I'm hoping I'll feel better enough to go to the Superbowl party at Libbygirl's. If not, I'll have to send the boys with the drinks and fruit salad. But, dammit, I really was looking forward to just planting myself on their couch and watching football for hours.

I haven't done that since the Ravens were in the Superbowl in 2001. Seriously.

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