Friday, February 5, 2010

Unsettling cooking adventures

I'm in the box, which means I can only eat foods provided by HMR (my weight management program) or fruits and vegetables. I found a recipe from cooking light that makes spaghetti squash with a cilantro edemame pesto. It's all veggie based. Cilantro, garlic, veggie broth, edemame, salt and pepper. You cook the spaghetti squash (which looks like noodles when it's cooked) and then you toss it with the pesto.

It looked vibrant. It tasted -- okay. Nothing special. Certainly not as good as the spaghetti squash recipe I made with the low fat ricotta and tomato sauce. But it was in the box. Three servings of vegetables in a plate. No gluten. No dairy. No real fat. 233 calories per 1.5 cups of squash and 1/2 cup of pesto.

But now both Joel and I feel nauseated. And a few times I've wondered if it's coming back up. Seriously, it was all vegetables. So what gives? Do we just have a virus that is hitting at the same time, or is it how our bodies are responding to the food?

Yuck. Either way, it's a "perfect food" that I won't be making again. Live and learn, right?

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