Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Unusual Request

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to treat myself to a present for reaching my weight loss goal. When I was in my twenties, I thought that if I ever became healthy, I'd want to get my belly button pierced. Something different. Something that felt a little feminine and a bit risqué. But let's face it, after actually losing 90 lbs, I enjoy how I look dressed, but my skin is pretty loose and it will likely not ever tighten up given the largeness of my loss. So belly button piercing was out and a little overdone these days.

Instead, I decided on something prettier. I decided I wanted a corset after watching a youtube clip of Rachel McAdams at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards. We don't have a custom corset place in Champaign, so it required a trip to Chicago. I solicited some of my friends to see if they'd go with me and make sure I didn't make a complete fool of myself. Quigs and Womanthatrolls, two women who met me at two very different stages in my life, came with me for the excursion. Quigs and I got up there a little early, so we stopped by a Bleeding Hearts Organic Bakery. I tried one of their cake balls and brought one home for MacTroll. 

I had some doubts when I walked into the tiny storefront shop called Skyscraper Heels. I felt way out of my league in the tiny little store with really tall shoes, but Gary, the store's owner, quickly made me feel at home. His assistant Laura was also very friendly. 

I've never had a corset before. So he measured me and then brought out his Vollers book (the type of Corset he carries and orders) to see the styles I was interested in. He had warned me over the phone when I'd made the appointment that not all corsets fit all body types. I needed some lift and push for the girls who have deflated through weight loss. But I also needed it to be long waisted because I'm not a petite girl. The one below I had picked as my favorite going up there, because I loved the pattern, was the most conservative. And although I liked it when we laced me into it in my t-shirt, the sweetheart top wasn't very complimentary. We also learned that I went down a size (to a size 26) when I tried it on in just my cami. (So if you ever go, leave your bra at home and just wear an undershirt to try it on.)

Between the two fittings, Gary explained the best way to hook the front. Always start with the second button, then work your way down before doing the top button. When you undo the corset, do the top button and then work from the bottom up. Always do the second button last. It prevents it from locking if you get it the wrong way. If it locks up -- you're stuck in the corset. Same if the back gets knotted.

I asked for a corset with a lower cup rise for the next one, but I was definitely too tall for it. So although it looked good at the top, there was some gapping at the top of my jeans where some of the dreaded skin would poke through. Since my goal with the corset is to be able to wear it out and about with skirt or a pair of jeans, that wasn't going to work.

My favorite turned out to be this red one with black trim (#1905). Gary went over how to tie it with me three times. By the time we got to this one, I was okay with the front hooks, but the ties are going to take a lot of practice (and some helpers until I get better at it). 

Yeah, this is the one I chose. I think it's pretty kick ass. I think I might wear it to the 30th birthday outing I have on Friday... 

Womanthatrolls and I stopped outside a candy store on the way to lunch. There was some kind of random penguin. 

Afterwards, the girls and I headed for a late lunch at Kitsch'n. I nearly made Quigs throw up with my tofu and broccoli scramble. She nearly made me vomit with her bowl of brownie batter for dessert. Just for the record, my bananas foster Twinkie wasn't great, but my taste of the brownie batter was pretty enjoyable. Womanthatrolls just wanted to vomit at both of our dessert choices. 

A big thank you to Quigs for the photos. I had an awesome time. It was a great adventure. 


The Fearless Freak said...

Wow, those are some boobs! Now I'm even more excited about going to the b-day party! :)

It looks like you guys had a great day trip :)

Debra said...

That is HOT! So glad you got a fun trip with your friends to celebrate the big changes you have made in your life.

Laura said...

That looks amazing!

Harley Quinn said...

Sexy mama!!
What an awesome way to treat yourself! You look amazing!!
I think you should TOTALLY wear it to the birthday on Friday. :)