Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All Over Town

Today, my day was pretty much this:

Take X-man to school.
Go to the gym for 45 minutes.
Visit my favorite aunt for 45 minutes.
Go see my health educator.
Have lunch with our friend Arek from Chicago at Flat Top.
Drop off a bag of old towels to our vet to use.
Go to Toys R Us and Barnes and Nobel to pick up a few thing for the road trip to Canada on Thursday.
Drop off two small boxes of old books to Goodwill.
Pick up dog food, cat food and cat litter from Petsmart.
Pick up laundry detergent and a back warmer from Target.
Drop off books at the Champaign Public Library.
Stop by the laundromat and wash my sleeping bag.
Drop some old clothes at the donation box.
Get Gas.
Get a Diet Dr Pepper from Sonic.
Go to the Tolono Library because I missed a book to drop off and had one on hold to pickup.
Go to the Savoy Post office.
Pick X-man up from school (where he threw a spoiled brat tantrum like I haven't seen -- damn him being able to figure out his seat belts).

I was in and out of the car from 8:30 until 4:30. And holy hell, it was hot and gross.

On Wednesday, my morning starts off the same except after the gym, I've got PT, shower, lunch and then a 12:30 massage appointment with Loree Harty. Followed by a trip to the bank for some Canadian money and battery recycling at Anita Purves.

Then I'll get to come home and pack the bags and the car, purchase our Centre Island tickets and make sure I have our passports. Riley heads off to the farm tomorrow night, as well.

We pick up MacTroll at the Detroit airport on Thursday...

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