Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School Daze

I start classes on Monday at Parkland. I'm taking three this semester. An Intro to Early Childhood Education class I kind of skipped by starting on a spring semester, Teaching Math and Science to children ages 2-6 and a class on building relationships with Family and Community. This will likely be my last three classes at Parkland in Early Childhood. When I'm done, I'll have earned enough credits in early education to get a job doing most anything in a pre-school... but I'm not.

Instead, I've called and e-mailed (but haven't gotten a reply back) from Eastern Illinois University asking for permission to send them all of my transcripts and seek guidance on getting into a program there. I've decided to try and work toward becoming a registered dietician that works with with early childhood intervention. So many aspects of children with special needs require help with nutrition. And, most everyone in our country needs a little help with obesity... so I thought maybe I'd combine my interest in early childhood with the personal passion that has developed for wellness in the last year.

I'm going to have some pre-requisites to take, and it's likely that after I'm done with the general RD  program I'll probably want to see about getting a pediatric dietician certification through somewhere, but I'm really excited about it. And I was having nightmares of becoming a certified teacher only to  be an unemployed kindergarten teacher as more and more school districts lay off staff... (see where adaption is key here?) Plus, my early childhood classes are invaluable in terms of how to work with small children AND their families.

Anyway, that's what's new in my world today... And you know how I can't seem to live without a general 3-5 year plan in my head. I like to create direction. So, as long as MacTroll doesn't get any earth shattering job news I have some follow up phone calls to make.

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