Saturday, August 28, 2010

Interesting Vacations

It's the end of summer 2010. And I'm sad about it, so I'm already researching vacations for 2011. On the list of possibilities:

•My First Triathlon/My Next Triathlon family vacation at Lake Lanier Islands in Georgia in June.
•A 4-day culinary vacation to Paris for MacTroll and I.
•A Disney Cruise of some kind in the Caribbean.

Been on any of these kinds of trips? Have any suggestions?

I'm also viewing trips to the Grand Canyon and Portland, Ore., for when X-man is older. But those are ones I'd have to plan out myself... :-) These I just show up and people give me a loose schedule (like when to show up for my bread and chocolate tour of Paris) and the rest is free time...

Tomorrow, we're leaving for Kingsley Pines in Raymond, ME for a week. We'll be flying to Boston and then driving. (Yes, we are aware if we want to take alcohol for the parental happy hours we should stop in NH, so we don't have to pay sales tax. :-) It's a 2-2.5-hour drive to Maine.

On the way back, we're spending Friday night in Boston and then coming home on Saturday for the rest of Labor Day weekend. See you when we return!

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