Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Getting Back in the Saddle

Today at physical therapy, Eric (the PT) asked me when my next scheduled run would be. My response, "When won't it hurt?"

He looked at me and smiled. "You won't now unless you try it."

I sighed.

"Friday. I'll go out Friday."

"Good. Let me know how it goes."

I'm scared to death, but I know he's right. I've been successfully making it to fitness classes, getting on my bike and tomorrow I'm re-entering the Aquatic Center for the first time in a while, since I finally found my punch cards -- hooray.

But I also did something else. I signed up for the Women's Fitness 5k at the end of September. I find myself in a common situation to last year when I did the Ambulance Chase and got turned on to running... but had my training side tracked due to issues with a weak pelvic floor that landed me in PT and without the ability to exercise more than walking for six weeks. Like last year, it isn't about personal bests. I don't consider myself a runner. Instead, I'm just going out there to finish and to help a good cause.

So, if you see me out doing short runs or run/walks (let's be realistic after 10 weeks pretty much off running) around Prairie Fields cheer me on or something will ya? Because I'm feeling pretty out of sorts. And if you run the race, stick around when you're done and yell me in or something, too, please? X-man is doing the kid dash beforehand, so if your kids want to run around in the trees with mine, that's cool, too.

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