Wednesday, August 25, 2010

TKD: Day 2

We returned to HMD Academy today for our second day of classes. Today started off a little harder (X-man just wanted to go home and watch/read Magic School Bus). When I told him that we had signed up, so we were going to go, he told me I was a bad Mommy and he was going to erase the sign up. He complained about it all the way into the dry cleaners to drop off a quilt and back into the car and all the way to TKD.

Then when we got to TKD, the complaining stopped. He went inside, took off his shoes, put them on the shoe rack and wanted to go into the classroom. I tried to explain that I'm old and need more stretching before class, which, of course, leads to the question, "Mommy, are you old like a grandma?"

Nice. Thanks kid.

I stretch with him nagging me the whole time. Then we go in. When you enter the classroom you bow. I tried to explain that this is a respectful gesture. He just looked at me like I was crazy. We were the first ones ready (everyone else was changing into their uniforms in the bathroom). Against the east wall is a bunch of portable punching bags. I have to admit on the first day, I was rather excited to see them. I've taken a bunch of cardio kickboxing classes in my lifetime, but NONE of them is ever exciting as the one class I took where you did full contact kick boxing with a bag. Seriously. There is something about hitting and kicking the crap out of something that is just fulfilling. (Hmmm, no wonder I played tennis, volleyball and soccer as a kid.) I like the contact.

We warmed up with our 9-year-old assistant and then Mr. Hyong (Master Hyong's son). Then Master Hyong came out and worked with us and another beginner. He was there with his outfit and his white belt (where we'll start). We did some reviews of kicks and blocks that we learned on Monday. Then we learned some fun jump back and kick maneuvers and practiced how our toes should be pointed, flexed, full foot flex, etc. for each different kind of kick.

In the first five minutes, Master Hyong said to me, "Funny story, but true. Sometimes parents bring their kids in to try TKD, and then the kids lose interest... but the parent stays and gets black belt. So be aware that you may stay, even if he goes." I think that might have been complimentary of my efforts, but then again, it could have just been a story...

Master Hyong picked up on the fact that X-man works awesome and pays more attention when he has one-on-one interaction. He also likes to yell and roar like a lion. He also finds it entertaining when he surprises the master. So while we were in fighting stance and jumping back to avoid a kick and then twisting to kick with our back foot, X-man actually got the Master in the shin. He was trying to get X-man to jump back, because he'd jump back and fall to the ground rather than stay on his feet. Then he started doing it, and whomp out shot the right kicking leg and -- bump -- it made contact. Master's face smiled. He high fived X-man. And X-man was beaming. He got it right, and he actually got one in on the master.

I had over 3 hours of workouts today between physical therapy, mowing the lawn, weeding and TKD. And I'm pooped and gross and sweaty. I'm going back out to weed some more on the west side of the house, to prepare for our last trip this summer. But I'm looking forward to coming back for TKD classes, and to go to Master Hyong's house for a special HMD Academy pig roast party with cowboy shooting exhibitions, horseback riding, archery and more. X-man thought that sounded awesome, so I think we're finding a new community of sorts. And really, wouldn't you just die to see me in a few years with a black belt. I'd be almost as awesome as Mr. Libbygrrl. We could spar.

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