Sunday, August 8, 2010


I'm a pretty big fan of getting a massage. Maybe it's the idea of someone touching me that isn't playing with the fatty part of my arm and giggling about it (X-man!) that I like. Maybe it's that after the massage, I feel completely relaxed and my whole body is pain free and loose. Whatever it is, I like it.

I have had the same massage therapist since I moved here. But last fall she started working out of her home in Monticello. I don't get to go often, maybe twice a year. I was having thoughts like I should call her -- but then I thought, this is ridiculous, there must be someone in town that I might like as much.

So when my back started to go south in April, I started trying different people for relief. Instead of hitting spas, I hit fitness-focused massage centers. for a person who got two massages a year, I tried four new massage therapists and none of them got it just right. Sure, I felt better, but I left feeling -- unfulfilled.

Tonight while I was looking up my old massage therapist's number, accepting the fact that I, indeed, found only her worth the $65 an hour and would definitely drive to Monticello and tip her 20 percent to make all my pain go away and for some relaxation and improvement of mobility... I found that she has taken a gig -- at the Erickson Clinic, in the same office as my very nice chiropractor, Jake Gray.

Now I want to go see her whenever I have a dismal back day. Can I afford that? No. But the fact that she's up the road is kind of fun. I can now drop my child off, go to the gym, go to physical therapy, and visit my massage therapist all in the same 2 square miles.

Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. So if you too, were a fan of Lorree Harty from Knollwood -- she's back in town. Just click on the Erickson link and make your appointment!

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Leah said...

SO excited to hear that she's back in town! I haven't found anyone I like even half as much.

As far as the massage-love goes...My theory is that it is totally undemanding/no-expectations touching. Everyone knows humans/animals NEED to be touched. But as wives and mothers almost all our touches have a purpose, you know? A message behind them, even if it's sweet, it's still a request for *something.

How extra relaxing it is to have a touch that isn't requiring anything from us other than that we feel it, you know?

At least, that's how *I feel about it ;)