Monday, November 22, 2010

Bearing Weight

I've been going to the Body Bar weight lifting class twice a week at the Savoy Recreation Center since I joined at the end of September. I was sad because my favorite class at the Fitness Center went away due to the instructor's new job. I tried out her classes at the Refinery -- and I still loved the instructor, but the gym was out of my way.

Emily is the Body Bar instructor. She is very fun and provides a challenging work out. The class is mostly made up of women (in that 9 a.m. hour) and on occasional husband. I've been feeling self conscious because the bars in the room stop at 27 lbs. I squat and lunge with the 27 and then I use the 22 lb bar for all other lifting. When I started, I was squatting the 22 and using the 18 lb bar.

But I noticed that when I moved up, several other people in the class also moved up. The two women that were using 15 lb bars moved up to 18 lb bars. But today was awesome... today, the woman who always stands behind me and lifts a 9 lb bar while her husband does a 12 lb bar, went and got a SECOND bar of 6 lbs and started doing shoulder work with it. I totally noticed and I thought it was awesome. I think her husband thought it was pretty awesome, too.

A room full of strong ladies. Before you know it, the SRC is going to have to purchase bars with adjustable weights at the ends... because we'll all be fighting for higher weights. :-)

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