Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not Quite Grimace, maybe a little Grape Ape

Quigs asked for photos of the purple bathroom. The first photo is pretty much what the bathroom looked like "before" the painting (when they were building the house, so yes, the floor was a mess). I didn't take a more recent "before" photo because I guess -- it's a pretty forgettable bathroom. :-)

I found the shimmery shower curtain at Kohl's today. It's striped light purple, dark purple, white, and silvery gray with shimmer, so it fits with the trim pretty well. X-man was very excited about the new towels, but he agrees that we need something ("Maybe another bar, Mom") over the toilet. We have one of those small cupboards above the toilet in on the first floor bathroom. I may wander back to Target and look for another version. 

I also have a silver mirror that we had in our last house to put up in the basement. It's more decorative than the plain one. I'm not sure why we didn't have the builder put it up 3 years ago. It's just been sitting in our garage. But it's no secret that MacTroll and I suck at hanging things. (Rogers, got an afternoon you want to head over with your laser accuracy?)

The flooring guys are coming back on Friday to insert the correct laminate. Then Picasso and Sons painting will return on Monday to do another coat of yellow in the Loosey Room and touch up all the trim around the floor area again after the baseboards are put back up. 


Quigs78 said...

Oh, Loosey. I'm so disappointed.

The lilac is very tasteful and classy.

I was hoping for garish and tacky.


imarogers said...

I had so many stud finder jokes, I didn't know which to use. Definitely you can borrow me and the laser as you much more elegantly put it. :)