Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm back to let you know ...

I wasn't a fan of San José.

It wasn't a surprise, but outside of their children's museum (reviews to come later) it was a so/so place to visit, so I can't imagine living there. I also got my first highway driving time in on the trek back to the SFO airport with X-man on a week day morning during rush hours. Yeah, there's not just one, like most big cities there are many hours -- and really, there is no rush -- only standing still. X-man was overjoyed that we were HOV-a-licious for most of it, however.

The highlight of the trip, besides my four days with X-man by my side in a "different" place, time-change, he's-got-the-gimmes vortex that was either all rainbows and light or the darkish hell of the Nothing,was running into MacTroll's colleagues, who I hadn't seen since I was pregnant. I only had a few minutes one evening to catch up when we took X-man to meet MacTroll's boss. X-man got a kick out of the fact that someone exists in this world that tells his Dad what to do in some kind of capacity.

The trip home alone, while MacTroll went off to LA for the rest of the conference (Don't ask why they flew them to Central California only to fly all 600 of them down to LA after a day. The thought process boggles the mind.) was uneventful. X-man was bummed that we didn't have enough time between flights to play at the ORD play place. But he did get mega compliments by the folks who sat in front of us on the way back. They patted him on the head and told him how awesome he was. Then they made eye contact with me and smiled.

This was a lovely thing to encounter after taking him to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where he was a bit manic due to being over tired and having a time change freak out both from going to California and having Daylight Savings. Some lovely gentleman walked up to us in the cafeteria and asked if my child was special needs, cause he and his wife worked with kids like him by improving behavior through nutrition. Yes, this actually happened.  Yes, he had kids with him. When I explained to X-man what the man said, after he and his family had left, he was quite upset. "He's a bad man. I don't like him. If I see him I'm going to hit him!"


Thursday, I have to admit, I dropped X-man off at school and then I called it a mental rehabilitation day. I was wiped out. I might have had some time change issues, too. Friday, I had a lot more energy. I did laundry, made it to body bar class (I'm now squatting with the heaviest bar they have and doing bicep and shoulder work with the second heaviest -- woot), ran 5 miles, scheduled the flooring installation on my basement Loosey-only room for Nov. 22, and scheduled a 2-day trip to Chicago to take the family to the Museum of Science and Industry and to the Lego Discovery Center in Schaumburg with a stop at Ikea.

Then after we picked up X-man we took him to go see Megamind. It wasn't terrible. It reminded me a lot of Despicable Me.

This morning, I'm heading to Mahomet to run in the 5k that benefits their library. Then I'm going straight to Rockford, by myself, to visit with my parents and my best friend from high school (KAP). We haven't hung out since February 2009, just before I started weight management.

So, that's the quick update for now. We're going places, doing things, getting along okay. But it does feel like a million years since I've seen anyone around town in a social capacity. We have some child-related birthdays coming up, so hopefully I'll get to see more folks then!

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