Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vacation Take 2

We showed up at the airport this morning ready to take off for California. Except the plane broke and the one they replaced it with had less seats than the original and because X-man and I were flying on free award tickets, we got bumped. But MacTroll, of course, was already checked in and ready to go. Since Delta pulled out of CMI, we've had a lot of problems at the little airport. They need more flights. Every flight in and out is oversold. It's been making problems for MacTroll and work, since he usually books his flight around 7-9 days in advance of when he goes, and often times, there aren't any seats.

It's better than it could be. At least Bloomington is relatively close by. But this morning their flight to Chicago was oversold. Sooooo -- American is having a Green Taxi pick us up at our place to drive us to Peoria to fly to Chicago. Then we get a later flight to San Francisco. So, we'll get in at 7:15 p.m. instead of 1:15 p.m. and will probably not be able to go see MacTroll's brother and his family.

X-man doesn't take well to sudden change. He felt upset that we were the only ones not getting on the airplane as they asked for volunteers to give up their seats for vouchers. A few people did, but not enough to get us at #4 and #5 spaces on the plane. Then the American Airlines agent made him an origami swan. X-man was so smitten he hugged her. Then he got picked up and carried behind the desk and she made him a jumping frog while the other agent worked on our issue. The crew at American at CMI is awesome. I know that with MacTroll's frequent travels he appreciates them a lot. And they like that when crazy stuff like this happens, we don't flip our lids.

So here we are at home for an extra hour and a half before the taxi comes... We'll see how this turns out for a short trip to California. On the plus side, we were given $1,200 worth of American vouchers, and now MacTroll and I are planning a trip to Paris... maybe for my 35th birthday.

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