Friday, June 10, 2011

Batter up!

This spring X-man decided that since I have a bum foot, he would rather stop doing Tae Kwon Do (i.e. he didn't want to go without me) and change to T-ball. I said okay, so we signed up for T-ball through the Urbana Park District.

His t-ball league is children ages 5-7. It's non-competitive, so there's no keeping score at games. Each player bats until he or she hits the ball into fair play and then takes one base. The last batter in the line up always gets a home run. :-)

If you show up for a game and you're short of players, the other team lends you some of theirs. The whole point is a) have fun, b) get a chance to play every position (you have to rotate positions each time you're on defense) and c) learn the basics of baseball.

The other reason I chose to sign him up in Urbana was that each team will get a chance to play one game under the lights at Canaday field. Unfortunately, this means the 5-7 year olds have to stay up to start a game at 7:45 p.m., when most of them are usually in the bath at that point.

Last night we had the added adventure of a dinner time thunderstorm which lowered the temps from 95 to 70 in less than 60 minutes. So, all of the parents were sitting in the bleachers in sweatshirts and under blankets. KTDID joined me in cheering on the red team.

I was really proud of X-man. Outside of one tantrum he had when a teammate kept trying to creep out of the outfield into the infield and take over X-man's position to get the ball, he was a great team player. He cheered on his teammates. He didn't get discouraged if he swung and missed the ball. And he followed coach's directions.

They had been working on fielding the ball and tossing it to first all week. Yeah, the catching needs some work, but I totally love that they understood the concept and were able to follow though.

Check it out:

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