Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Goals

One of X-man's goals this summer was to work on his swimming. He loves the water, but our deal regarding going down water slides is that he has to learn to swim (at least 10 yards) by himself. He had five yards down when he took lessons at Urbana in November, but it wasn't consistent. So, we signed him up for two sessions of lessons at Sholem in Champaign.

Each session is 8 mornings (Monday through Thursday). We also picked up pool passes, but apparently mother nature HATES me this season, because during our first three weeks at home we made it to the pool twice not because we're lazy, but , because the other times I put it on the schedule -- it stormed. Last week the temperatures dropped to the low sixties in the morning so we had Thursday's swim lesson canceled and then it was too cold for the make up lesson on Friday, too.

This morning, it's windy and rainy with occasional thunder and only 66 degrees... and I'm going to guess swim lessons are a no go again.


The Fearless Freak said...

I don't know what happened to the lessons, but we went at noon for regular swimming. The water was FREEZING and the place was more empty than I've ever seen it. I was actually happy to see some of the campers come in, since it meat more kids for mine to play with.

However, from the lazy mom perspective it was GREAT! In the shade it was totally comfortable to sit in my chair and read my book. It was even cool enough to sit in the sun for a while, with a small dip. And it was empty enough that I could keep an eye on my kids the whole time, without standing on top of them.

Looseyfur said...

They announced at 8:30 on the dot that swim lessons would happen at 9 a.m., so X-man downed his breakfast and climbed into the car whining about how cold it was going to be.

And I guess it was because he was shivering the whole time he was there, but he did his best. :-) On the other hand the air temperature was perfect! But I'm all for less crowded days at the pool.

Julie Murphy said...

That's why when we've done swim lessons, it's always been at the Y or the UIAC. We don't have to worry about weather cancellations.