Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Phone calls

Okay, the thing I've noticed about having X-man home all day, I forget to make calls.

I have to call my doctor for a follow up, now that I have my blood work back.

I have to call the trucking company that wants to deliver me my new patio table.

I need to call the vet to set up the annual exam for the black and white mafia.

I need to call Bodyworks to set up follow up appointments for my foot.

I need to call the bank, because even though I have an escrow account to pay my property taxes, I woke up 7 days ago in a sweat because I was worried that maybe they didn't pay it. And, of course, online, it shows that they take hundreds of dollars out of my payment for escrow, but don't give me an escrow balance.

Most importantly, I need to call the "leisure line" tomorrow to see if there's lessons, since the storm that blew through tonight apparently is going to drop the temps this week. I'm not sure how hardcore X-man is about swimming in the cold. I know I did it on the swim team. But then again, I'm a glutton for exercise punishment.

Hence why X-man is at swim lessons, I'll be lining up for round 2 of Body Attack at the gym.

We'll see if I can remember to do all those calls when I get home. Hell, I'd be happy with half of them. Sigh.


Quigs78 said...

I won't be there tomorrow. :( Tomorrow is my last chance to see the Mormons before they leave on Thursday, so we'll be with them. Do some Supermans for me!

The Fearless Freak said...

So here is my trip for remembering phone calls. I use google calendar which syncs with my phone. When I have to make a phone call, I set an event in my calendar for a time that I know I'll be able to make the call. Then I set a reminder on my phone and it chimes at me to make the call.

It is absolutely the only way I have found to make myself actually make those calls.

Looseyfur said...

Carrie, did you read Monday's update? I hate calendaring on my machine, too. I use a paper one. I know, I'm totally old school.

But, it turns out, all I needed was the 30 minutes with no MacTroll and no X-man underfoot to call 3/4 places back this a.m. You know I'm in a seriously sad, sad place when I can't get my kid and husband to sit down and shut up so I can concentrate on making appointments for 10 minutes!

The Fearless Freak said...

I did see Monday's update and if paper works for you then you run wild with that! Personally, paper can't remind me that I've written things in it (if my phone could reach out and smack me it would be all the better) so even if things get written down, they rarely get remembered until the next time I write something down.

Good deal that you got rid of the distractions long enough to get your stuff done! :)