Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Digging to China

Being at home alone has a couple of quirks to workout these days. Namely with Lily. She and I walk every day for around 30 minutes during my two hours of free time. Having her and X-man at the same time is a little difficult. If there were people at the dog park at 1 p.m., I'd take her there, but it's barren, so it seems silly to go. Instead we take little trips around the lake or around Prairie Fields subdivision.

Today, I used up the last of her wet dog food at breakfast and needed to pick up enough to last through the holiday weekend. So when I got home from work, I ate lunch and then I clipped her onto her leash and we walked up the road to Prairieland Feeds.  She loved it. There were toys, treats and 12 cans of dog food at the other end, what's not to love.

Then she went to sleep until X-man got home. Later while X-man was chilling out, she and I played fetch with her favorite Chuck E. Cheese ball. Then I let her outside to make dinner... and guess what she did?


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