Saturday, August 20, 2011

Free ice cream... for a while

This afternoon the boys and I took part in a Road Rally Scavenger Hunt with the Rec Center. We were each given packets with rules to follow and mystery directions to follow. Then we piled in our cars and went out in the countryside hunting down addresses and information. There were puzzle sheets to complete and trivia questions to answer.

Winners weren't based on time, but on the number of answers we got right, and we misread a clue and I miswrote another one, so we ended up 5 points behind the winners in fourth place out of five cars. (Those that tied had to Rock/Paper/Scissors for their prize.)

But for fourth place we got an envelope with $5 gift card to X-man's favorite ice cream place, Marble Slab. Then on further discovery, we found three more coupons for free kid's size ice creams with one mix in and a coup on for a free drink and popcorn at the movies. I'm pretty sure that was more than what we paid to participate, and it made X-man's day. MacTroll ended up giving blood at the Marble Slab blood drive because he's the only one in our family that can do that these days. So his ice cream was free anyway.

With X-man, we're working a lot on not worrying about winning or losing, because right now he doesn't want to take part in things where it's not clear that he'll be a winner OR if not everyone gets something. He has a lot of anxiety about it. For example, he thinks he'd rather run in the Kids Fun Run for Orchard Days on Sept. 17 rather than participate in the Family Fitness 1.5k at his new school. Because he thinks the one at school will have winners and trophies, where as the one at Orchard Days is just a fun run with nothing special a the end.

We also started the day seeing Spy Kids 4 at the Savoy 16 theater for their Lights up, Sounds down showing. It was very nice. Very few people there, and the movie, like the other three Spy Kids films didn't spook my five year old. He's already asking for Spy Kids 5. :-)

Kindergarten starts on Tuesday. :-)

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