Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Want a Do Over

Today was a LOUSY day.Yes, life is always this way the night before you go on vacation. But, I really didn't need a 3-hour medical detour in the middle of my day. I don't really feel like rehashing the whole thing, but let's just say there was pain and blood and profuse apologies from multiple medical personnel, and it's made me decide that after I'm done with hematology and whatever their best swing is at my low ferritin, I'm pretty much going to avoid doctors for a while. Because I've seen enough of them. They're very nice people and they're doing their best, but shit just falls through the cracks or things don't go my way. Or there's a lot of pursing of lips, as they admit something that they thought would be super easy -- really wasn't. Because let's face it, as a person, my body is apparently not just rebelling -- it's breaking.

And I wonder, as I hand over my credit card to pay a $20 copay for something that they couldn't actually make happen, why am I paying?

Okay, I have to get up and get my kid up at 4 a.m. to get on a plane at 5 a.m. My butt won't be on the beach until Thursday morning, but it'll be in a beach house tomorrow night with my parents. And really, I'm just going to float around the freaking ocean until all the crankiness melts away from my body. It may take longer than the 3 days we'll actually be there, but I'll do the best I can.

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