Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No Recess

So tonight, during bedtime, X-man fessed up that he spent recess with his head down on a table in his classroom -- for making a series of bad choices. He earned three checks, he said, so he lost recess privilege. He said he wasn't alone, which doesn't make it any better.

Then he said, "I already have two checks for tomorrow."

I wondered how. "Did you misbehave while waiting for the bus?"

"Yes, but not too bad."

Sigh. Why can't he make good choices? What's a marvel is that he "forgets" what he did to get the checks.

MacTroll insists he was exactly this way. I never was. So I totally don't understand it. It makes me feel like a lousy parent.


Debra said...

I do not get taking recess away from children... at all. It is one of the consequences in Ks class too but there are several other consequences first. And it isn't anything you do as a parent... you are a very aware and caring mother. I was always in trouble in school. I got Xs out the ears for talking all the time. In 4th grade I was placed at the front of the classroom with a trifold around me so I couldn't talk to people. My best friend was on the other side of the classroom with a trifold too. We just threw notes to each other instead :) Kids make choices based on the things they find important to them. I was bored in school and preferred talking and socializing (not sure what happened). So I did that instead of paying attention. There are many reasons children don't listen to the rules and obey them and sometimes those reasons are not overly apparent. But give him some time. He will get used to his new classroom environment soon.

Lindsay said...

We were in the same boat last week. Frown faces each afternoon resulting from one or two timeouts, typically for talking when the teacher was talking, or not following directions accordingly.

I had a night where I thought "damn, I SUCK at this parenting gig", and then, I decided (for once in my life) to cut myself a break.

They are getting used to a whole new routine and set of expectations. Despite the fact that both of our boys have had years of preschool, Kindergarten is different. At least for us, Owen is expected to focus, concentrate, and transition to numerous activities for nearly seven hours straight. I guarantee you neither boy experienced that level of expectation at preschool.

This week so far we're all smiley faces. I think it just takes some time for them to get their bearings, learn the expectations, and adjust accordingly.

Ya know what I think would help? If I bring the skinny martini goods, you fire up the hot tub, and we focus on what we've done right for a night.

You in?


The Fearless Freak said...

I am absolutely against taking away recess as a punishment. Every year, it happens and every year I pop in and tell the teacher that it simply isn't acceptable. If they need to punish him, fine but they aren't taking a kid who already can't sit still and making him sit still longer. If they want to make him walk laps, instead of playing or pick up "gum balls" (those nasty spiky things that fall off the tree on the playground) or rake leaves or shovel snow or whatever, then I'm totally cool with that.

Take away fun time for sure, but sitting isn't an option. It was a battle I fought literally all year last year because he would come home and tell me he sat out at recess. I would email the teacher and she would claim she forgot. A few weeks later, the cycle would repeat. I involved the principal and the VP and things got a little better, temporally but she refused to follow instructions and WF wouldn't stand up for himself (MF would have raised hell about it but WF won't) and I couldn't be there every day to supervise the entire day.

So far this year, we haven't lost any recess time so two thumbs up!

Looseyfur said...

Carrie and Debra, I totally agree. My child is a mover. He needs to move. His behavior will only get worse when his movement is restricted. It's one of the reasons he does so many different sports throughout the year. He has a wiggle in his butt, and sometimes, it gets the best of him.

Lindsay, now there's a plan I can totally get behind. Is your hubs home after the Labor Day weekend? If so, I totally have the hot tub ready to go... I'm free after 8 p.m. all week long. :-)

Lindsay said...

Dana-Unfortunately, I never know when Aaron is going to be home until basically that day. This week he's worked 79 hours, so obviously we haven't seen him much. I'm hoping *fingers crossed* that next week is much better. O has piano on Tuesday and soccer on Wednesday, but Thursday is obligation free. Want to shoot for then, and I can follow up with Aaron's work status?

Hope today is a great one for X.

Looseyfur said...

Thursday works great with me. :-)