Friday, September 2, 2011

Best Work Day Ever

Thursday was a little crazed in the Clownfish room. We still have children adjusting to the new experience of school, so some tears were shed. But at two, we also have some very empathetic friends, so when one cries, several of them feel sad, too.

Today, was awesome. None of our children were sad. In fact, they were super excited to be there, and Ms. Rachel and I were able to totally excited. First of all, we had two teachers for six children, which is an awesome ratio number. I felt for the first time all week that I could really sit down and observe the children's "know how" rather than just their social interaction. I also really got to play with them one on one. And the potty training/diaper changing was a lot easier.

But today, we also got to meet some fire fighters, go on a walk hunting for the fire truck, have a picnic of berries and popsicles and pretzels and ride bikes. I kept walking around declaring -- I love today. It was wonderful.

Then after I left work, my mood started falling apart. I picked up X-man from school. We were supposed to go home and just pick up MacTroll and leave to go to Family Camp in Wisconsin, but our cat Nyssa ended up in the Animal ER last night because she lost all feeling her her tail. It was just dragging around behind her and the first appointment we could get with our vet today was 1:30 p.m. So, MacTroll took her in for the appointment, and X-man and I are just sitting around on our butts. Car is packed and ready to go. Dog has been walked.

She's always had terrible arthritis, but it looks like she has some spinal disease which will only progressively get worse. Like one day she'll wake up and lose the use of her back legs or her bowels... It's hard to feel like you want to go on vacation, even though your cat is on pain medication and no longer in pain knowing that she might need you and you'll be gone.

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