Friday, September 16, 2011

It was a Bobcat Kind of Day

MacTroll and I made it to Carrie Busey today for their Pep Rally. They were celebrating raising over $8,500 for the Parent Teacher Association, so the whole school went out to sit on the playground and watch the teachers duct tape their principal to the wall before 11 kids got to throw whipped cream pies at him. Then after that, the music teacher and the P.E. teacher were in a trivia contest, except if they got the answer wrong older students and teachers poured food products like baked beans and pancake batter over their heads.

It was a cold day, and there are no showers in the elementary school. So the two women had to get sprayed down with the hose afterwards. There were also some student athletes from the University of Illinois who talked about eating healthy.

X-man got to be one of the pie throwers, which he was really excited about.

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