Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thinking About Change

As of August, MacTroll and I have lived in Savoy for eight years. So, when he comes home with thoughts every few months about how his job at the Fruit might lead him to live in California in the next few years or thoughts where maybe he's done what he can do at work and should look for something else, the hair stands up on the back of my neck. It used to stand up in anxiety. Selling a house, keeping it perfect and clean on my own while he still works and travels is hell. I did it once when we moved into this house. I really hated it, and don't know how my friends Special K, Car Seat Guru and Libbygirl have done it for so long in this market. But now, my hair stands up in excitement. In some ways, I feel a sense of relief that change is probably coming down the road by the time X-man finishes first grade, but maybe that's just me mentally preparing for the separation from the familiar.

It would be nice to experience new friends and fairs and maybe even be near an ocean. It would provide new challenges, sure. The whole sale of our house and purchase of another, driving across country with animals and a small child, working full-time in a much more expensive environment, making new friends, getting used to a new school system, finding a new weight management clinic, a new gym, etc. 

I have no fear of moving, but damn it, X-man has to spend one year in the new Carrie Busey building before that happens... at the very least. Because whenever we talk about moving, and the little guy gets a hint of it he makes it very clear that he wants to live with his parents in Savoy forever. 

I guess we'll see what actually happens... 

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