Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cursed, but not entirely

So, this week:

• I've been bitten by a child (not mine) and by a cat. One was just a bruise, the other broke the skin and went through my thumb nail.
• I've suffered a minor, but bloody, head injury from a falling handicap sign.
• My cat's life (Nyssa) is at a crossroads.
• My gut says my child may be heading toward a diagnosis of ADHD (which isn't upsetting at all, but the daily communication with school administrators about his behaviors (even though the relationship with the school is very positive) is -- emotionally draining.
• I can't seem to get to sleep before midnight, which is not enough sleep.
• I don't get to run the half marathon in Disney next week because of my fractured fifth metatarsal. 

At the same time:
• MacTroll was home to take me to the ER and to take Nyssa to the vet repeatedly over her health issues.
• We had a lovely potluck at our house for our street neighbors.
• X-man really likes taking tennis and swimming lessons.
• X-man really likes me to read to him and for him to read to me (when he's not overly tired). So we're about finished with our second reading sheet for the Galaxy reading program this week. And since I'm all restricted in my movement with my broken foot -- it's nice that it's something we can do together that doesn't require me to stand. 
• All of my Clownfish have officially gotten over the trauma of separation at drop off. 
• I didn't get a concussion nor did I have to have stitches when the sign fell on my head. 
• I can still walk.
• I can still drive.
• I can still do the hokey pokey with the Clownfish.
• I got to go to trivia night at BW3 with Kate and her cousin and their friends and talk with adults for two hours!
• I found some wonderful books for my classroom through the new Heartland Library System. 
• I work at a very understanding school that took great care of me, check up on me and had excellent first aid skills when I got injured.

But it might be better if people just stayed physically away from me for the rest of the month. I seem to be a walking time bomb... 

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The Fearless Freak said...

The ADHD diagnosis was a tough one for us. Partly because I think it is a diagnosis used by lazy parents and educators, who want little automatons, who simply sit down, shut up, and stay out of the way. I think there are a few kids who genuinely have attention issues but I think it is title that is thrown around with wild abandon.

After a million meetings and probably twice as many phone calls (I totally understand the drain factor because last year I sat in the VP office and tossed up my hands and said "I just don't know what you want me to do about this anymore. It isn't like I can sit in class with him everyday and make sure he follows the rules"), we filled out the forms and ended up with an ADHD diagnosis. They promptly put him on medicine, which we tried in various combinations for several months, with absolutely zero impact. So now, he still has ti but I just don't mention, unless it is specifically asked, since there is nothing that can be done to change it.

Since I don't want this to be all a rant about ADHD (because my ADHD kid driving me FREAKING insane today and I could rant for the next week about him):Good for you for still being able to see the positives with all the mess happening to and around you!