Friday, September 9, 2011

This Boot is Made for Walking

Today I had my make up appointment at Christie Clinic Podiatry. Normally, I'm a Carle Clinic patient, but for whatever reason (I'm blaming their new medical records issues), when I called for an appointment in early August, they couldn't see me until October. (Remind me to cancel that appointment, by the way.)

I was going because although the Sports Med doc had said my foot issues were due to sural nerve entrapment related to my degenerative disk disease, I didn't think that sitting around waiting for the pain to stop was really the answer... Mostly because I sat around for 3 weeks waiting to get into see him and then another three weeks after seeing him and the pain got worse and my foot got swollen and my back feels fabulous. His two x-rays didn't show any stress fractures.

The eight x-rays I got today, five weeks after seeing the sports doc clearly showed the stress fracture. So, now my right foot is in a giant boot. Because I don't drive much, she has permitted me to take off the boot to drive, sleep and when I'm at home sitting on the couch without putting weight on it. I have to give it three weeks, if it's not better in three weeks... Well, I don't want to think about that because I'm sure there's either a more stringent casting or surgery and neither of those are appealing.

We'll have to see how this goes at school. I'm kind of hobbling around, but I am on my feet all day long. I'm sure the kids will find it very strange. But then again, the Clownfish are pretty great at being supportive of their friends, so I'm hoping they'll be supportive of me, too.

I go back to the doc on Sept. 29th... we'll see what she says then.

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Lindsay said...

I think you look fabulous with the boot. You pulled off the boot and a flirty skirt effortlessly last night ;). By the way, Carle podiatry (which I waited six weeks to get into) is HORRIBLE. Worst medical experience I've had to date. I hope the boot mends the foot and you're good as new in no time.