Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hello, Mother. Hello, Father. Greetings from Camp Minikani...

We arrived after dark last night. I had called to let them know we'd be late, but check in was closed so we had to flag down a group of campers who spread out and chased down the supervisor. Our cabin was one of only two without a shared bathroom, but I find having my own is worth the cost.

We paid $572 for four days, including lodging, food and activities. It's a much more modern camp than Maine was, but administratively it is a mess. There was no welcome packet telling us what they would provide, so Mactroll made a run to Target last night for sheets and pillows. I had to email in advance for the itinerary, which sadly, has a lot of firearm options. The blob broke, so they just have the water trampoline. The explanation for how camp worked was done at breakfast and was hard to hear. They also segregated us by family. So there's less chances to get to know others.

The good points so far, besides the private bathroom and beautiful walkways, is the Midwestern friendliness. Everyone is happy to help each other out and introduce each other. X-man got to ride a horse around the corral for 15 minutes, and he looked adorable in his riding helmet. There are ample drinks and individual semi healthy snacks to grab. The lake water is warm, so we got to jump a lot on the trampoline this morning (before the cold front moves through tonight) and X-man swam and did canonballs until he was shivering and his lips turned blue.

This afternoon he X-man goes to minicamp for kids 2-6. Then we have casino night...

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