Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wanted: Not-So-Evil Twin Who Can Teleport or... has a Tardis

I made a comment the other day on Facebook that everything in the world is somehow being planned for October. The truth is that I'm finding September to have similar issues. I have to choose where I'm going and when. The good news is that all of it, so far, is really good stuff.

In the same Facebook comment, I complained that I hadn't figured out teleportation yet. It was also funny that I was told just a few hours later by my husband, "You may have to let some things go."

I laughed... and then 10 minutes later he made a crack about cloning me. So, I think he might start to realize that if I let things go -- he's probably going to have to pick them up.

For example, this involvement thing. Now that I'm teaching, I have my own school items I need to get to. That means, if MacTroll's home, he's going to have to pick up the X-man things. September 20th is the first day of double booking. We have the MMO Open House at the same time as the Carrie Busey PTA meeting. I've already decided I won't be a member of PTA, but MacTroll said he'd be willing to go to the meetings and events when he was in town.

Another example is being a classroom helper or helping with after school clubs. I'm working for most of X-man's school day, and I'm holding the 2 hours I have between getting off work and him getting off the bus at 3 p.m. sacred. So, I basically said I could sign up and do snacks. They gave us a list of appropriate snacks in our packet (our school is a CATCH school), and well, you know me. I can do healthy just as good as I can do unhealthy.

Other than that, we had the kindergarten ice cream social tonight. X-man was very shy about meeting his teacher. But once he got in the classroom and sat on the carpet, he was a champ. He really liked Ms. Dramado's giant bins of blocks and her bin of Legos. We go back to see her tomorrow morning for a short conference and are taking all of X-man's school supplies and extra items to drop of, so his back pack will be empty except for his lunch on Tuesday for his first day.

P.S. If you answer my want ad and have a tardis, can you please bring David Tennant along?

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