Friday, August 12, 2011

Listen to that...It's quiet.

 Right now at this very moment MacTroll is 4 blocks away at the park behind Head Start camping with X-man. There are 4 families and 1 Savoy rec center staff member there. When I left at 7:30, they had cooked hot dogs and were busting out the s'mores and the sun was setting.

I am on dog duty. Speaking of, Lily's curled up on MacTroll's pillow and resting her head on my chest.

It's kind of nice to be home alone with just the fuzzies. This never happens. This should totally happen more. The best part was that I came home, walked the dog, watered the lawn a little bit, ate some snacks, made the grocery list for tomorrow and planned out meals for the next few days, looked at the Urbana Park District Catalog and chatted on Facebook.

I mean, really, it was enjoyable.

I'm hoping that the storms that were slated for midnight, that are now supposedly coming at 3 a.m., show up later in the morning. I don't mind if they rain on me at the market and Meijer. But I'd rather not have MacTroll have to drag X-man home late at Night. I told him that he could just leave the tent there and we'd get it in the a.m. But I'm hoping that he is smart enough to put all the folding chairs and the ball we took in his car tonight, just in case, so he's not running around in a storm trying to gather things up.

That would suck.

Gee, it's 9:15 p.m. and I'm thinking of falling asleep. Lily just readjusted herself further to the right. Nyssa has curled up next to my left hip. There is that Nathan Fillion Movie "Super" downstairs to watch. But maybe I'll wait and do that with MacTroll tomorrow night.

I like this.

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