Thursday, July 5, 2012


Yeah, so, I was the class of 94. MacTroll was the class of 93. But we met in 1992 and who the hell thought we'd get 20 years of something good out of what should have been nothing. We pretty much labeled our relationship "Hopeless" because really, who lasts long distance for six years, to live together for two and get married and then pretty much end up living long distance for 38 work weeks out of the month?

Whatever. It's a happy day. We've celebrated by taking my Mom out to breakfast at Le Peep. Then we took an hour bike ride into Urbana and back. Now I'm going to Rotary with my Mom before MacTroll picks up X-man from camp.

Speaking of Rotary... this is me... and my Rotarian friend Jim at the meeting last week. I won "New Rotarian of the Year." I got a plaque. It was super cool.

Tonight, MacTroll and I are going out to dinner with the Super Flynns. They're scheduled to drive away with their cowboy hats and boots into Texas as the end of the month, so we're trying to get in as many play dates as possible -- grown up ones and kids before the move.

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