Sunday, July 1, 2012

White versus Color

In the last 24 hours, I've cooked two new recipes that I've really liked, which reminds me I need to enter them into my Lose it app. (I'm running a little bit behind today.)

The first is an Egg and Veggie Salad with Dill Green Goddess Dressing from the Vegetarian Times (July/August). It takes  only 30 minutes to make and looks like a million bucks when you finish. The only troubles I had with it are 1) I couldn't find anywhere in town that carries the orange cauliflower and 2) Meijer used to carry small bags of only purple potatoes last November, but now the only ones I could find were mixed medley ones at Schnuck's (I looked at the three stores I mostly shop at Meijer in Urbana, Schnuck's in Savoy and the Common Ground Food Coop in Urbana)

But it was worth it.

The second I made for breakfast this morning. It's a vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy recipe (April/May 2012 Vegetarian Times) that is also gluten-free. It serves 8 (be careful, I'm pretty sure I had two servings and therefore do not get to eat lunch -- but I'm still full from eating at 9 a.m., so that also speaks to the hardiness of the meal.)

I have always stayed away from traditional biscuits and gravy because -- well, it looks like milk and cereal vomit. And truth be told... this doesn't look any different, except it's not greasy, and if you make it yourself with butter, potato starch and garbanzo flour and milk you get why it's that ugly color. But at the same time, it's better if you just don't think about it too much. It's supposed to take 30 minutes or fewer, but for me having to get out anything that has to chop stuff up (food processor/blender, etc.) takes me 10 minutes because I use them so few for meals that I forget how to put them together! So I'd guess it took me more like 45-50 minutes.

X-man decided he wouldn't try either. I put the vegetables from the salad on his plate without mixing them up and gave him ranch in a small bowl to dip to try to entice him. But it was a no go. He did try one of the radishes because he said he liked them when he tried them in kindergarten. But he told me they had to be sliced not quartered. I told him tough...

So, if my kid looks like he's losing weight lately and I'm not, it's because he's choosing not to eat what I'm making, even when I do "X-man friendly sides" like corn on the cob or strawberries as his side dishes. He wouldn't even try the biscuits...

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