Friday, June 29, 2012

Lovin' the Summer

Since I'm scheduled to be off my feet a bit this fall (and because it's been a while) I scheduled my annual trek to Montreal for August. I was wavering on going this year. I had been eyeing Jamestown, Rhode Island, but that would have required renting a car, and if I was going to do that, I could get a rental unit at one of the lakes at the Eastern Townships in Quebec. But honestly, I just want to lie down in some place familiar and read a book and hike around and people watch. So, I decided to head to Vieux Montreal a couple blocks off the St. Lawrence River. Or I can choose to take a pretty decent hike up into Mt. Royal Park to the lake.

In other good news, Sally found a forever home. Catsnap said she as adopted by an older couple who lost their cat to cancer earlier this spring and were ready to share their lives with another pet. This made me very happy. She is a wonderful cat.

Today is Friday. Hooray. It's X-man's last day at the Camp Invention: Envision run by the Orpheum over at Urbana Middle School. He's loved it. He especially likes it because his bus buddy from kindergarten and X-man+1 are there. But he also found out that bus buddy -- is moving -- at the end of July. Just like the Supers and Libbygirl's family. He's very sad and feels like he won't have any friends left. MacTroll and I will be at camp today at 2:45 to see the unveiling of their giant magnetic island.

I'm also helping with Tolono Fun Day this weekend. If you're there on Saturday morning (from 7-10:30), I'll be selling books at the library table. You get what you want for a donation (you decide how much) to the library. So be sure to bring your book bag.

Luke's health is improving. He's eating and gaining weight, but last night Maya felt bony to me. I checked her mouth and she has a sore gum line over a back tooth, which is probably why I haven't seen her eating dry food lately. So, I'm taking her to the vet with Lily (her annual visit) so she can get the pre-surgery bloodwork done before getting a dental. That tooth will probably have to come out.

Yesterday, I got a 5.5 mile walk done averaging 16:09 min miles. There were street crossings included in there, which is cool, because it means I might be getting close to my goal of a sub 16 min/mile walking pace, which is what is required for Disney half marathons. Much easier on my body...

The goal is before surgery to be in as good a shape as possible to help recovery. So I better get my butt up and get over tot he Y for the Deep Water class.

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