Friday, June 22, 2012

Where's Waldo?

X-man has been at Lego Camp at the Orpheum this week from 8:30-Noon. And every day when I pick him up he points to this sign up with Where's Waldo? on it.

The flyer refers to a Waldo scavenger hunt being sponsored by Jane Addams Bookshop. He wanted to know more about it, so we wandered down to the shop yesterday and picked up the information.

There are 20 shops to visit to find Waldo around downtown Champaign. If you find 8 and get your sheet filled out you get to enter into a contest to win a prize. If you find 16, you get to enter another contest. The scavenger hunt runs from July 1-July 31.

X-man's worry kicked in that he wouldn't be a winner. I explained that was always a possibility with contests, but the point was to have fun and visit stores owned by local people. And maybe we'd find some fun stuff along the way.

He seemed okay with that idea. So, if you see us running around downtown after Camp Explosion gets out at the Orpheum on July 2... you'll know we're seeking Waldo!

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