Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pain in the foot

I had my follow up with Dr. Kluesner at Christie regarding my sore foot, which has now become a sore leg, knee, IT band, SI joint/hip and lower back. Funny how that happens. Anyway, he's scheduled me for an MRI. I asked if it wouldn't be logical to shoot the whole leg from back to foot to see what's going on, but he said he wants to start with where the most amount of pain is the back and lateral side of my calf into my ankle and then down the outside of my foot. To him, it sounds like classic peroneal tendonitis, except that I spent 7 weeks in a boot last fall when I broke my foot (the symptoms were very similar, but I had lots of swelling then versus pain mostly on mobility now) and the same pain came back, so he doesn't have much hope that booting me again will help long-term. I also have poor mobility and stability in my right ankle. It is possible that I have some tears in the tendon, so that's why he's doing the MRI.

On the good side, he took x-rays and I didn't break my foot again.

I'm going in for an "injury assessment" at Accelerated Physical Therapy on Friday with my neighbor Gretchen. Hopefully she can take a gander at the soft tissue issues and help get approval from my primary doc to basically beat my gam into submission. If you see me at the pool and I'm bruised from foot to lower back -- that will be Gretchen's work.

Ironically, if I have to go see her a couple times each week, her daughter is probably going to be the one that watches X-man.

I just bought new date night shoes... I'd like the opportunity to wear them sometime this summer.

Which reminds me... I think I'll see about going for a pedicure this afternoon while X-man is at Little Gym camp. I keep meaning to go, but it's been about a year since I actually made it in.

Update: Christie just called. They had a cancelation, so I go in for my MRI tomorrow afternoon. Thus canceling my Accelerated appointment until I can figure out a day where my schedule works with one of their therapists'.

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