Monday, June 25, 2012

Working It!

Today was a fabulous Monday. I headed off to deep water aerobics class. It starts at 8 a.m. I jumped in the pool and had a fun hour. Then I headed up to Prairie Gardens to see if they had two pepper plants  to replace the ones the wee bunnies ate. Then I dropped off a basket at D2's house. D2's son very graciously gave X-man a lot of his old Pokemon cards when he babysat him so that MacTroll and I could go see the Brave on Saturday afternoon.

Then I went to Target. I hadn't been there in a while. And I spent a stupid amount of money. And for that reason, I won't be back to Target for at least a couple of months.

We got our house washed today by Mike Anastasia from Housewash. He was here for roughly 3 hours power spraying mildew and spiders from the house. The actual green siding looks very lovely, but I'm really impressed with how the white overhangs turned out.

The owner of the concrete company responded to the letter our lawyer sent, and he's coming to do the patio on July 9. Apparently the guy who was managing Bloomington operations dropped the ball and he's now been demoted. I'm pretty sure the owner will be here. But it sucks that it took us threatening to sue to get it fixed over a year later. So no, I won't be recommending that company to anyone.

MacTroll is ready to trim the grass around the fence when they're done with the back patio because we hired some student painters to freshen up fence and front porch after the concrete is done. Finally, I'll get the gardens weeded (annuals are in) and then order the mulch. I have a friend who has some teenagers looking for some summer work, so I was going to let them spread it in the garden. :-)

Then the outside of the house should be done for next February, and I can focus on the inside. KTDID is helping me wash walls tomorrow at 1 p.m. It'll help me decide what I really need to paint and touch up and what I don't. Bryan the handy man is coming to fix our shifty curtain rod hanging jobs and to put non-rusty hinges on the back door. MacTroll still has to call the plumber about the water heater and I still have to call a fixit guy about the fact that our stove keeps randomly locking when the temp is 425 degrees or higher.

I've been kind of proud of myself the last two weeks because I have been able to get in a lot of physical activity. No, I haven't lost any weight. In fact I seem to go up and down the same three pounds. But, I am proud of the work I'm doing, particularly given that my movement and abilities are restricted.

You can see the amount of time and calories. Now if only I could stop eating back the calories I exercise off. :-) But this is a good start, and I'm enjoying myself, which is, I think, all that matters right now.

3 Hours 40 Min
1 Hour 15 Min
Lawn Mowing
1 Hour
1 Hour
Aqua Bootcamp
1 Hour
Aqua Running
1 Hour
1 Hour 30 Min
Circuit Training
30 Min

Tomorrow, I've got my last aqua running and H20 bootcamp. My volleyball team tries to go 3-0 at Burwash Park. Our game starts at 5:30 p.m.

Even though X-man had a significant meltdown when he got dropped off at Science Camp today, he didn't want to come home today. This is a good thing. The meltdown was about the fact that there seemed to be a double X-man confusion since X-man+1 was there. The camp called our house and said that X-man was with Ms. Nina in the blue group. But when they got there (and he was dressed in his blue shirt as they asked), they said he was in the green team. MacTroll then saw X-man+1 come in, dressed in blue and figured the person who called must have made an error, but when I picked up today, X-man+1's name was printed on the green group list, and X-man was handwritten in. Either way, they put the boys together, which I think is what ultimately made X-man okay to stay. Well, that and the fact that the first part of camp was taking tape and taping each other up. :-)

And, well, playing with tape is kind of like playing with the hose for X-man. He could do it for hours.

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