Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lego Creations

Every two months X-man receives a Lego Club Jr. Magazine. He loves them. He gets to preview all of the Legos coming out, do some games and he gets instructions on how to build new things.

There is usually some kind of Lego Build Off contest that he wants nothing to do with. He may make something that correlates to the theme, but he won't let me take a photo of it to send it in. (He has high anxiety about not winning.)

Anyway, in the May-June 2012 issue, in the Cool Creations Jr. area it said that if you make an awesome model of you down that  you would like to send a photo, to go ahead and do it. No competition -- just share.

X-man decided that was okay. So he made a toy factory, because when he grows up he says he wants to design toys.

There was a delivery truck and that big red boat back there with a Ninjago guy was shipping the toys overseas to China from the United States. (Yes, I know he kind of has that backwards.) But I thought it was cute that he made a conveyor belt and an office and had people working in the factory.

I totally forgot that he took the photo himself with my camera and wanted me to send it in. (That obviously won't make me Mom of the year.)

So, I just ordered a print (because they don't accept e-mail) from Walgreen's. I'll pick it up tomorrow and send it in and maybe it will make the fall issue, because I'm sure the July-August issue will arrive next week.

He's been enjoying the STEM camp at Urbana Middle School a lot. He comes home every day at 3:30 p.m. exhausted. Tonight is a big night, too. Papa is here to watch him play t-ball. And right now they're fishing at Dana Colbert Park as their "quiet time."

After t-ball we're hitting Flattop for dinner. And then I plan on getting up very early to get in a walk before it gets to be over 100!

If anyone wants to walk from 6-7:30ish a.m. with me tomorrow, you're certainly welcome to join! I leave from my house and walk down to Windsor via the Savoy bike path and then head east until Lyndhurst and then walk back home.

I do around 16:30-18 minute mile depending on my body. If you want, you can wear earphones and you don't even have to talk to me. :-)

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