Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tree of Life

The birch tree that MacTroll and I picked out at Country Arbours got planted today. It's in the garden that we tried growing blueberry bushes in, but to no avail thanks to the bunnies. I think it looks very cute and happy, which is nice because the ashes of Riley and Looseyfur are there. We'd been waiting to make some improvements on the garden before spreading Nyssa's ashes there. So I think we'll get a chance this weekend. I just need to pick up one more Sedum and one more Liatris to plant on the south side around the tree and it'll look symmetrical. 

Since the Super Neighbors have put their house up for sale they've been getting a lot of viewing traffic, so their dog, Super Coop has been coming over to our house. My guess is that they will have accepted an offer by the weekend (they've had a lot of families come for more than one visit). I've noticed a lot of houses in the hood have gone quickly this summer, my guess is that it's due to being in a Proximity A school neighborhood. This gives me hope for next spring. But it was also very cute to watch my black dog (looking very chocolatey in the sun) get some tug time with a very blonde dog.

X-man has a playdate at our house today from 1-4. So I'm hoping to get in some bush trimming, weeding and grass trimming while he's entertained. So far this summer he's been unimpressed by the amount of "Mommy Work" I get done during the day. And I'm apparently ruining his life by not playing with him every moment of the 14 hours that he's awake.

Oh the drama! ;-P

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The Fearless Freak said...

We have drama here too. Apparently, WF's life is so very, very difficult because I take him to do things in the afternoon instead of allowing him to lay in bed all day.

So I'm changing things up. Every time he complains about how bad his life is, he has to do manual labor. You think your life is so tough, go mow the yard and we'll talk.

So far, I haven't gotten any work out of him, but I haven't any complaints either!