Thursday, June 7, 2012

In a Nutshell

This morning we got an e-mail from the nice lady at Catsnap who was taking Sally. At first, I thought she was going into a foster home, but since we did all of her medical work for them, she wanted her up at Petsmart for an adoption weekend. Since X-man was scheduled for a play date from 1-4 p.m., we agreed to meet up at Noon.

Then we went to the Y, where I did  a work out until my foot started to feel a bit wonky. So I went downstairs and asked about the climbing wall at the Y. On June 1st, they started asking for members to pay $3 to climb the wall. I hate this. As Libbygirl says, it feels like nickel and diming. If you pay for a membership, it should include everything in the building. What's worse, is that to take a guest is now $5 for a Y all-day pass and $6 for them to climb the wall. That's $11 for a half an hour, if you don't take them to use other parts of the gym.

But, X-man, after years of only traversing three feet off the ground, feels he's ready to go up. And I'm trying to support him trying new things, and really, I can afford the $3. So I signed him up. I tried to see if a friend my be interested in going but everyone is super summer busy, I guess. So I agreed to climb with him.

After the gym, we had to run Sally's poop up to the vet, because the dickens didn't poop before her last vet appointment on Tuesday, and I couldn't find any time within the 12-hour period allowed to take something up there on Wednesday.

This meant, my child had to whine all the way up to the vet's. Since we were doing the drop off of the cat today, I had them fax the second negative fecal results to Catsnap.

Then we ran back to Savoy from NE Urbana, so that I could shower and move the sprinkler on the lawn/new tree. Then at 11:30, we took Lily to doggie daycare for a half day because I didn't know if X-man's new friend was good with dogs or not. She's very sweet, but also very in your face. Then we went up to North Prospect to do the drop off with Sally.  X-man was nervous because the Catsnap woman was five minutes late. "I don't want to be late for my FRIEND!" Sally was, as she has been for the last month, pretty low key. Some guy came in and took a photo of her, but he didn't seem to be with the rescue. And some other folks who were in their asked me some questions about her past and if she liked kids. But it was noon at a Petsmart, which meant all of the other cats were asleep in their beds or letterboxes and Sally was the only one showing any movement.

Then, on the way home, I looked at my phone. There's an e-mail from the friend's mother that the play date is off because her child is ill with stomach problems. When I break the news to X-man, tears come streaming down his face. "But Mom -- we were going to have so much fun! What am I going to do now? My life is ruined!"

Now, his day wasn't the only day "ruined." I had planned to get shit done today. Three hours of play date meant three hours of me weeding and picking up and organizing. Three hours without a 50 lb person attached to my side.

Yes, we're both very dramatic. It's easy to see where he gets it.

I'm relieved to say that he's not the only child that seems to be acting this way this week. We've run into a good handful of 5-6 year olds lamenting that the world is ending and that they're angry and that it's because they have lousy mothers. Awesome. And I'm sure I'm not the only parent out there who thinks of three hours of their child playing with a friend and not underfoot is a pretty okay thing.

Anyway, I promised him that after he ate lunch at home, and I met with a potential petsitter that he and I could walk down to Old Orchard to go bowling (Kids Bowl Free program!). Then he changed his mind and decided he'd like to go mini putting at the Old Orchard Links (they have new putting greens on the grass be wary -- they slow down the ball a LOT in comparison to the old smashed down ones).

I told him we could do one or the other. He chose mini putt, so we put on some sunblock and walked our way up to mini put. X-man is a speed mini putter. If there is no one on the course he can -- literally -- golf 36 holes (they have two 18-hole putting greens) in almost 30 minutes. We left the house at 2:15. We got  to the mini putt at 2:45. We we started golfing after paying and what not at 2:50. We were done at 3:15. So we went inside and had a drink and a popsicle and we watched the Cubs score two runs in the 8th to lead the Brewers 3-1 on the TV in there. we left at 3:40 to walk up and get Lily at doggie day care. The walk from the bowling alley to get Lily is less than the distance from our house to the bowling alley. But it took 35 minutes to get there. We picked up Lily at 4:15. Then it took us an hour and 5 minutes to walk home.

That's a long time. And, of course, X got a blister on his toe. So he HAD to take off his shoe, and if you timed it right you could see me carrying him, walking a dog and carrying a drink all at the same time across Rt. 45. I am woman. Roar!

I made portobello mushrooms stuffed with low-fat ricotta, spinach, parmesan and herbs for dinner tonight with a side of snow peas and red peppers. X-man did his yes to try and eat it, but mostly he ate the pretzel bagel and the applesauce that I gave him for sides.

After dinner, we went outside and I stared at my new tree while he rode his red car through the sprinkler. Then KTDID came over and we spent some time with her. X-man loves when KTDID puts him to bed.

He's doing really well with reading to me for the reading program in Tolono. Since he's moved up in age, the books I read to him no longer count, so last summer, he felt like he could lean back on that to earn the "book bucks" to get prizes. But this summer -- he's got to read them on his own. It's a big kid change, but he's doing really well. Every once in a while he pulls a word out of his butt and surprises me when he knows it or sounds it out right. Tonight's surprise was Silk. He was reading me the "Sleepy Kittens" book from Despicable Me. And he just read it like he'd seen it a million times before. But I guess since he knew the world milk, it wasn't a hard word to figure out. But I was still impressed when he did it.

Tomorrow is our last day by ourselves. I'm waiting for a handyman service to come over and give me some estimates on some work around the house. But I also scheduled a play date with a different friend for Friday afternoon. We'll hope he doesn't get sick, too!

Otherwise, you'll see me in the kiddie pool full of squishy baff tomorrow.

I think we're also going to go see the Art in Motion Dance recital at Foellinger tomorrow night... just to get us out of the house! Maybe I'll have to take him for Cocomero afterwards.

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