Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Afraid of gross stuff? Don't look!

I have intermediate-level tears in both my peroneal brevis and peroneal longus tendons. The MRI shows loads of fluid and scar tissue behind my ankle bone. Scar tissue that will have to be removed.

So, in the plus column, I'm not crazy. And it might have taken four opinions to get to an accurate diagnosis, but I'm glad I advocated for myself.

Right now, it looks something like this inside my foot:

Dr. Kluesner won't know how bad it is until he gets in there and sees it. I was also apparently gifted "extra bone" with a sharp pointy bit in my foot, which could also be causing some of my issues. He'll have to go in and sew up the tendons and if they're over 50 percent damaged, he'll have to sew them together. My condition is chronic, so putting me back in a boot won't do anything for the long-term. I'd start doing normal Loosey activity and "ouch." And there is usually an 85 percent success rate. It won't ever be perfect, but feeling even 50 percent better than right now would be awesome.

I'm trying to schedule my surgery for September. But it also means that I'll have to find someone to help with X-man after school when MacTroll's not here. Some place where either there's a babysitter after he gets home from school or he goes to someone's house in the neighborhood within walking distance.

And I now have to go back to getting my house ready to sell, because apparently, if I have the surgery in September I won't be wearing a NORMAL-sized shoe until just before Christmas.

Until then, I'm to wear my ankle brace as much as possible and to stay on even surfaces doing whatever doesn't hurt.

The fear is that if I tried to do anything high intensity I could rupture both of the tendons.

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Chef said...

You're in good hands. Kluesner is the best around. He finally diagnosed my foot issue after two other podiatrists failed to. Great physician, great bedside manner. Even gave out his cell number when leaving to go home from the hospital. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and am thankful for his expertise with every step I take!