Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Today, X-man had a little accident.

He was at baseball camp at Savoy Recreation Center riding on the flat, four-wheeled scooters, you know the kind you had in gym class way back in the day, when someone crashed into him causing him to face plant into the floor and into his own scooter.

When I picked him up today he had a golfball sized bruise on his forehead with a small cut, another marble sized bruise on the other side of his forehead and a small scratch on his eye lid.

He seemed okay, but we took him to Convenient Care anyway, just so he could have someone tell me that he wasn't concussed.

While we were there, they had the CBS news on about the Aurora movie theater shooting. We told X-man what happened when he asked about the TV in St. Louis over the weekend running names, ages and photos of the victims, but we don't have live TV at home, so he hasn't heard any of the descriptions of what happened.

In X-man's brain, this guy has made the crazy violence of the Joker a reality and at the same time as he knows super heroes are fiction. It's hard for him to believe that someone can do something as dire as shoot up a movie theater full of people... but that no actual Batman exists to show up to stop him. It makes him sad.

So, when the news channel was on, he asked if we could change it. I got up to do something about it, but I guess they have the TV wired only to the remote (or the buttons were all broken). After a minute or two of hearing X-man say, "Don't they know kids come here? This is scary. Please get it off!" A woman came around from the desk and turned the channel to PBSkids. And at the exact moment the Wubszy guy game on, X-man got called into see the triage nurse.


Anonymous said...

TV's in medical settings are wrong altogether.

imarogers said...

Glad he's ok. Although I'm surprised they didn't call you when it happened.

Looseyfur said...

They did call the house, but not my cell. I was busy dropping things off at the Goodwill at 4:40 and I walked in about 4:50. So, of course, in the 20 minutes I was away from the home phone...