Thursday, July 26, 2012

Political Animals

I stayed up late (i.e. midnight) last night watching a new show that I'd read about in the paper called Political Animals. I have no idea what network its on, but it stars Sigourney Weaver as a presidential hopeful who loses and becomes the Secretary of State (mmm, I wonder who she was based off of)... and then decides after two years of watching the democrat who beat her flounder that she's going to run again. 

The pilot episode is available from the iTunes store for free. It was less mellow dramatic than when Geena Davis played the president, but not as fast paced and smart as the West Wing.

What I liked most about it was the play between the Secretary of State and the "Washington Globe" reporter covering her. I liked the political savviness. I liked how the characters dealt with being in a Kennedy-like establishment of a family, and I liked the realness that the people acknowledge to each other, but don't want the American people to know about. 

Greg Berlanti is the executive producer and writer on the show. And although I couldn't stand his version of the Green Lantern movie, he did get his writing start at the WB on Dawson's Creek with other pit stops for shows I've never seen like Eli Stone, Brothers and Sisters, Everwood.

Anyway, it's a mini-series (who knew those existed any more outside of the BBC), so I bought it and watched the second show. It, too, kept me awake and my brain engaged. 

At least more engaged than the whack jobs calling my house wanting my vote in November. 

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