Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Day in the Life of...

My mom was here visiting for a couple of days. She took X-man to swim lessons at the Y, so I could get to my physical therapy appointment. She also played monopoly with him, so I wouldn't have to. :-) Thanks, Mom.

If I look like someone beat me in the leg with a stick that's officially part of my recovery. It's called Astym with some Active Release Technique on the side. And it hurts like a BITCH.

But I made a few things that were actually pretty yummy, including vegetarian taco meat. We also made a trip over to the new TCBY, because it would be blasphemy if there was an ice cream-esque business in town that we hadn't been to. It's a pretty happy place. They even put up with my son, who is usually a pro at doing a clean job of putting on toppings, messing up twice and having to get the spoons washed. (Sorry, TCBY). It was a combination of him being exhausted from playing and from the counter where the toppings are being higher than the one at Cocomero where he "trains" for topping adventures.

Today, X-man went to the Secret Agent Camp at the Little Gym. He's decided that outside of Parents' Nights Outs, he's outgrown them. He has one more day of camp on Friday, and then he'll be officially done. But Ms. Lindsay said he was really good at comforting one of the younger kids when he got sad, which was nice to hear.

After camp, we chilled out before going to behavioral therapy. Then we had to come home and fill water balloons. Big D, X-man's friend from Kindergarten who moves to Dunlap next week, came over for their last play date. They had a giant water fight in the front yard with squirt guns and balloons and the baby pool. (Yes, after the 15th day in a row of weather over 95 degrees, I broke down and bought one at Wal-mart in mid-July.)

Now, we're both tired. I'm not sure what I did today. I feel like I've just been picking things up all day and doing dishes and driving places. Oh, I did get my hair colored today.

Tomorrow is a "work around the house day" outside to get ready for the painters coming on Monday to paint the fence. So, there's trimming to do, because the ground is way too dry for me to pull weeds, so I'll just chop off their heads.

I also need to get X-man down to the library. He needs to cash in his last 6 book bucks because the prizes are down to nothing... My guess is he'll go for Meatheads and a sticker. But we'll see.

I think MacTroll would love to take X-man to Meatheads. MacTroll hasn't been there since he went when it opened.

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